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My name is Monica Uhm and live a double-musical-life of equal parts original songwriting and folking-up / punking-up beloved covers. I've recently retooled these projects and would like to introduce you to the proverbial 'yin and yang':

Elusive Emu (f/k/a Trio of Awesuhm) is my all-originals project and have recently been making appearances at local area music and arts festivals. Lyrics-centered tunes that wear familiar vibes of alt-rock-pop but always served with a twist of something-something. Album planned for 2024. 

The Randuhms is my all-covers project. Covid brought on some serious writer's block and I dove into the bottomless well of covers, playing with all kinds of local musicians in cozy bars and chill farmer's markets. The Randuhms is the umbrella for delightful mashups of top local area musicians as a duo to rocked out 5-piece band to fit the space and vibe we're given. Mostly 80s/90s with a healthy dose of everything else. "Yes, we play that". 

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Previous events

Date Event Location
The Jays at Burger Bar Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont, NY 10538 Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont, NY 10538
The Randuhms Duo - Private Party  
KDMU Live at Burger Bar Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont, NY 10538 Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont, NY 10538
Elusive Emu @NRCA ArtsFest Andersen Plaza, New Rochelle Andersen Plaza, New Rochelle
The Randuhms @Rocktoberfest Billy & Pete's Social Billy & Pete's Social
Elusive Emu @Larchmont Arts Festival Constitution Park Constitution Park
Larchmont 80s Night (House Band) Constitution Park Constitution Park
Chillith Fair 2023 Billy & Pete's Social, Larchmont Billy & Pete's Social, Larchmont
Monica Uhm - Solo Acoustic @ Fable Farm Fest Fable: From Farm to Table, Ossining, NY 10562 Fable: From Farm to Table, Ossining, NY 10562
Monica Uhm @ Katonah Gazebo Katonah Gazebo Katonah Gazebo
Turn Turn Turn @ 18th Ward 18th Ward Taproom, New Rochelle 18th Ward Taproom, New Rochelle
Monica Uhm @ Pelham Farmers Market Pelham Market, Pelham Pelham Market, Pelham
Monica Uhm @ Katonah Gazebo Katonah Gazebo, Katonah Katonah Gazebo, Katonah
Mixtape w DJ Scoops @ BP Burger Bar Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont
Elusive Emu @ Larchmont Music Festival Constitution Park , Larchmont Constitution Park , Larchmont
Monica Uhm @ Hayfields Market Hayfields Market, North Salem Hayfields Market, North Salem
Mixtape Vol 7 Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont, NY Billy & Pete's Burger Bar, Larchmont, NY
Elusive Emu @ CURE's Jam 4 Justice St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Mamaroneck St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Mamaroneck
Mixtape Vol 6 Billy & Pete's Burger Bar Billy & Pete's Burger Bar
Music That Made The Oscars The Pelham Picture House The Pelham Picture House

"Prelude" the accidental single

Released early in 2021, a song from the archives recorded just for kicks in an open room in Fall of 2019. With the pandemic, we all looked for ways to make the most of what we had. Prelude was barely a demo when recorded, but with the magic provided by Sam Wagner at The Koop Studio, he cobbled together a unique eclectic mix with the random tracks we had. 

Prelude is a collage of images and imagery of things that make an imprint on us but perhaps does not make immediate sense to us. 

The video itself is a collage of pictures taken from my phone that Simon O'Keefe of Tonapac Pictures wove together that perfectly captured the elusiveness of it all. 

Vocal/acoustic guitar: Monica Uhm
Electric guitar: Joe Colgan
Percussion/mix/master: Sammy Wags

Video images: Monica Uhm
Video editing: Simon O'Keefe

"Anthem" the single

-- "Monica Uhm ... knows how to make genre-bending music that is thought-provoking, infectious, and quirky" 

---"Anthem is an astonishing tune that celebrates the beauty of life, love, and self-awareness."

--- "Gorgeous, reflective and restrained. Heartfelt and relevant. An anthem for our times indeed."

---- "...a poignant and powerful song..."

---- "Anthem’ is an amazing single which shows Monica Uhm’s amazing skills in storytelling." 

Full reviews here."

New Singles 2020

blahg blahg blahg...

we till the soil for the peacebuilders...  

Hard to wrap heart and head around the situation in Ukraine, as it had been in similar conflict in my living memory of the displacement of innocent people seeking refuge. There's plenty of crowd-sourced editorials and commentary to go around, I have no new insight on the what/why/how to add. 

My thoughts instead turn in hope (and nervousness) towards the peacebuilders. There are and always have been quiet steadfast humble warriors of peace that do the critical work of saving - lives, hope, meaning - that have staved off the degradation of humanity. In spite of the limitless potential and persistence of humankind to destroy and conquer for the sake of destruction and domination. 

Listen here: Ode to the Peacebuilders DEMO

I wrote this a few years ago on reflection of how the good still manages and inevitably floats to the surface of the rubble, led by the silent warriors of peace, and whose work is greatly affected by how the rest of us pave or obstruct their way. 

"We till the soil for the peacebuilders
with seeds for the healing or hurt".


"Ode to the Peacebuilders"
by Monica Uhm (all rights reserved) 

"Haven’t you seen all the peacebuilders 
Gliding like swans through the wars 
Tattered and scarred by our own-made monsters 
Won’t question who love is for 

Haven’t you seen all the peacebuilders 
Mingled in trenches and towers 
They’re never ones to steal away thunder 
But first to run into the mire 

Let’s bow and pray for the peacebuilders 
Let’s lift up our bodies and words 
We till the soil for the peacebuilders 
With seeds for the healing or hurt 

Remember the names of the peacebuilders 
Carry their embers with care 
Don’t throw them into the bonfire of traitors 
That burn all the fruits love will bear 

We all are one with the peacebuilders 
We all are the ones against 
We all are flesh and soul and creatures 
That live and die on this land 

We destroy what we can’t understand"

- by Monica Uhm, (c) 2015


"Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me ... " (Jill Jackson / Mark Miller) - circa 1955

oh, so long 2021.... and thanks for all the fish! 

It was hard to catch a breath at times this year. What a strange one, eh? We tried hard to grab onto "normal" which did not feel so normal. We thought we finally came out of the darkest part of the woods only to faceplant into quicksand. We get pulled out only to find we lost our shoe in the goo. But we got cool with that. Make do with what we got! Got socks? Keep going!

So... Was it a good year...? Another bad year...? A weird parody of last year...? A teaching moment? Just a blip in the cosmos? 

On the side of "it was a good year", I was gob-smacked blessed with how much music I was able to do with so many of my friends. My bar for music goals was super low (maybe play once/twice a month?) and I had the best performance year yet. I was not picky - it was such a joy to be out and just doing the doing. I learned random covers to fill a set (and kudos to friends who humored learning the 80s tunes along with me!) and happily play the role of a live jukebox. That doesn't sit well with some, but it was great to be reminded that I am still "here". (My bar for happiness must also be super low - hi!! I'm Monica and this is my guitar. Thank you!) 

We were able to spend (more) time with friends/family/neighbors/strangers and get back out there to do things together. Teaching moment take-away: Togetherness can never be over-rated!!! 

On the side of "weird parody", the year is ending as it had begun; kind of like the summer was an existential weekend away and we have now returned back from our trip and resigned to settle back into the routines of the roost we left, with the leaky roof, the uneven floors, the outdated trims. 

My last live performance was on November 13 at Daryl's House Club. I sensed that would be my last of the year and prepared to hibernate so to speak. As others continued to fill up their schedules, I was content in knowing I would fall off the map for a while, at least until late Spring.

Like bookends, my re-emergence will be back at Daryl's House Club on April 23rd. Originally this was going to be part of a tour of a new studio album. Unfortunately, Omicron towered above me like a sturdy bouncer blocking the portal to my plans, unmoved by my disappointment and puppy-dog whimpers. No matter, the fact that I get to return to Daryl's itself is a beacon in the night. There will still be merriment - and God-willing, some new songs! (During Season 1 of "La Pandemic", I failed as compared to other writers to produce any new original pandemic-inspired material. From a glass-half-full vantage point, I guess Season 2 is my chance to catch up). 

We know the drill now; what it means to recede and make do with what we have. The shock of being unmoored from all we thought we needed has passed and now we are better at expecting the unexpected, while we cautiously remain optimistic and tread more mindfully into carving out new paths in our lives to still be able to get from here to there. We may need to pack more lightly, more strategically, more prepared. But we trek on (shoeless if needed). 

Well then, 2021, you managed to show us something new by being a bit of the same ol' same ol. But time only moves in one direction therefore...

so long 2021... and thanks for all the fish! 

oh, hello 2021... almost didn't see you ... 

It's been a new year for almost 5 months now and I think I'm getting the hang of this. Let's go carpe some diem, shall we??? Around here we're >50% vaxxed. Spring is already looking forward to becoming Summer so that means al fresco living is in full swing. Everyone is jonesin' for live music ... the musicians are, the people are.. the towns are... the businesses are... 

So that's what's goin' on. I don't have any new music to share but playing out again brings a new shine to my current repertoire and what's old is new again.

No grand master plan at the moment, I'm making randuhm last minute appearances here and there and breathing in every second of it with glee. Come join me! Stay tuned as I try to shed these training wheels. 

Kinda feels like starting over, which is kinda exciting.

In Peace & Pancakes--


alternative 2020 

Plan Bs - locked, loaded and deployed!!!  

2020 had so much potential for everyone.  I was definitely not the only one on the path of making this the most epic milestone  year ever - full of bold goals and commemorations and making the most of every sacred moment.  And I wasn't even getting tired of the 20/20 vision analogies.  In fact, my studio album was going to be titled Hindsight 2020 (along with half the other budding musical artists looking to release music).  

But alas, my 20th anniversary remake of my 2000 demo album "Six Years to Zanzibar" came to a screeching halt.  Instead, I am releasing singles like a faucet drip throughout the year.

And all those live shows I had planned/hoped for... instead, I had to get over myself and get hip to the digital platforms and learn how to livestream.  I am embarking on a virtual tour of all my releases - the 2018 debut album Cowboys&Aliens and the songs that were slated for this ill-fated 2020 full length release.  

Come along on my virtual tour - check out my social media pages for the latest appearances.


what's my point anyway 

So why am I even doing this... what am I doing here... why bother....?  

As sure as the sun will rise and fall, the same old questions float through my mind every single day regarding my musical journey.  The music "industry" is such a tough beast.  The music "arena" is so nebulous.  What am I really trying to achieve?  Who am I speaking to?  What's the point - who cares if I do this music thing or not?

I always come back to the same answers ...

1. I can't NOT write songs and create music.  

I just can't.  It may be futile but that's my wiring.  I see/hear/feel things and then some words or melodies start wafting about and I have to chase the shadows until I find what has cast this.  So irrespective of whether there is an audience, I will just continue to do.

2. I believe someone out there feels what I feel.  And what I feel is - the little things in life ARE the big things.  And I want people to lose themselves in the lull of my lyrics and words and be transported to everywhere all at once.  

The universe opens up when I am fully present in the smallest moments.  There is infinity in the minutia.  The things that are imprinted the strongest in our memories and hearts and souls are the details in a moment or a sight that seems to have been overlooked by everyone else.  These things that catch our eye are the keyhole into who we are and what we believe and what we desire.  That the universe - your universe - opens up from being fully present in the small inert moments.  That there is grand wisdom in the mundane.  We live, we breathe, we ache, we celebrate.  That is all, and yet that is everything.  Wherever we are, there we are, and we will get through it, we will embrace it, we will grow by it, we will evolve through it.  



all things 2020 ... take two 

Here we are... in the second half of the most unimaginable year for the vast majority of us.  So much has shifted - and continues to shift - under our feet, above our heads, around our reach (or out of...), in our hearts/minds/dreams, our plans, our foibles, our "normal".  

My brilliant musical start to 2020, though diverted, has certainly not derailed.  We took some of the fine lemons from the studio process that was halfway in the works, and turned out some pretty fine lemonade, with the enthusiasm and ingenuity of Sam Wagner, of The Koop Studio.

In lieu of my big 20th anniversary full-length album splash, I've been releasing singles.  And perhaps its better this way.  The songs dictated when they would be ready.  In my book, spontaneity and timing is everything.  So, 2020, we're in this together.  And we are going to keep on keeping on. 

Out already for digital distribution is "Anthem" and "Song For My Cowboy"; songs I had never planned for release as singles.  Already in the wings is "Heart On A Sling", hoping for an August release.  And once things start opening up, we have a few more than need just a bit more ingredients and we'll be serving them up, right on time for when it will be their time. 

Stay safe.  Stay hopeful.  Keep going.  Keep doing.  


all things 2020 

2019 was a blur -- ran all around NY playing music - solo, duo, full band, half-band, electric, unplugged, downtown, uptown, rivertown, hometown, other towns...  and now I begin 2020 with hunkering down back in the studio working on the follow up album to the 2018 "Cowboys&Aliens".  It's been an amazing and serendipitous experience so far and before I jinx anything, I shall say no more... other than -  April 2020.  Coming to a some music outlet near you.  New music, new twists on old music.  

In peace&pancakes


musings and ramblings 

It snowed on November 15th.  With first snowfall comes the urge to curl under a blanket with a good read... how about this fresh-pressed interview with Vents Magazine Street Team Page...??? Huge thanks to VENTS for the opportunity and the generous word count!!! (Wonder who holds their record for most verbose; or abuse of parenthesis; or non-sequiturs; or semi-colons; or disjointed pop culture references. Asking for a friend) 

For those that often wonder what the heck goes on in this head of mine, well, this interview might give you a clue. This is the first time (and perhaps last time) going more into the concepts and creative precursors into my music and artistic journey (where apparently I am more of an off-roader or off-the-railer or off-topic - oh look, an espresso...!) and less so the heavy-lifting production process of the album itself which we've shared in bits and bites ever since the album release.

Full interview here:


The thrill of the first time on the radio had legs... the tickle in hearing the song "More and More" over live streaming on Sunday evening at 7:17pm on WEQX 102.7 Real Alternative, and like a good story or a funny joke that makes you chuckle days later, I still grin from heart to soul.  As they say with the ages of kids, each age is special and it gets better.  With this album, each milestone is special, and indeed it does seem to get better.  The album has been on digital platforms and streaming-only services since end of April.  But there is something special about good ol' fashioned radio with a live DJ announcing the song and taking the time to spell the band name correctly.  Super cool of you, DJ Dan Maddalone at WEQX!!   

i just showed up to miami 

... and within 10 hours of landing, I busked outside of an amazing coffee shop Shepherd Artisan Coffee, busked in front of the quirky murals inside Peter Tunney's Experience studio at Wynwood Walls and opened for Greg Diamond at the wondrously rustic Lagniappe.  All made possible when #justshowup meets #whynot.  The latter courtesy of Niv & Ernest at Shepherd, the one and only PT at Wynwood Walls, and Mark Small of Lagniappe.  I am one spoiled and lucky troubadour.