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all things 2020 

2019 was a blur -- ran all around NY playing music - solo, duo, full band, half-band, electric, unplugged, downtown, uptown, rivertown, hometown, other towns...  and now I begin 2020 with hunkering down back in the studio working on the follow up album to the 2018 "Cowboys&Aliens".  It's been an amazing and serendipitous experience so far and before I jinx anything, I shall say no more... other than -  April 2020.  Coming to a some music outlet near you.  New music, new twists on old music.  

In peace&pancakes


musings and ramblings 

It snowed on November 15th.  With first snowfall comes the urge to curl under a blanket with a good read... how about this fresh-pressed interview with Vents Magazine Street Team Page...??? Huge thanks to VENTS for the opportunity and the generous word count!!! (Wonder who holds their record for most verbose; or abuse of parenthesis; or non-sequiturs; or semi-colons; or disjointed pop culture references. Asking for a friend) 

For those that often wonder what the heck goes on in this head of mine, well, this interview might give you a clue. This is the first time (and perhaps last time) going more into the concepts and creative precursors into my music and artistic journey (where apparently I am more of an off-roader or off-the-railer or off-topic - oh look, an espresso...!) and less so the heavy-lifting production process of the album itself which we've shared in bits and bites ever since the album release.

Full interview here:


The thrill of the first time on the radio had legs... the tickle in hearing the song "More and More" over live streaming on Sunday evening at 7:17pm on WEQX 102.7 Real Alternative, and like a good story or a funny joke that makes you chuckle days later, I still grin from heart to soul.  As they say with the ages of kids, each age is special and it gets better.  With this album, each milestone is special, and indeed it does seem to get better.  The album has been on digital platforms and streaming-only services since end of April.  But there is something special about good ol' fashioned radio with a live DJ announcing the song and taking the time to spell the band name correctly.  Super cool of you, DJ Dan Maddalone at WEQX!!   

i just showed up to miami 

... and within 10 hours of landing, I busked outside of an amazing coffee shop Shepherd Artisan Coffee, busked in front of the quirky murals inside Peter Tunney's Experience studio at Wynwood Walls and opened for Greg Diamond at the wondrously rustic Lagniappe.  All made possible when #justshowup meets #whynot.  The latter courtesy of Niv & Ernest at Shepherd, the one and only PT at Wynwood Walls, and Mark Small of Lagniappe.  I am one spoiled and lucky troubadour. 

tales from the studio - tambourines are hard. really really hard.  

Trying to wrap up tracking in the studio so I am pitching in whenever and wherever I can.  We need a few tambourine tracks and with some extra time on our hands yesterday, I figured I'd go for it.  Hey, I've got a decent sense of rhythm and, psshaw, tambourines, right?  Weeeellllllll.... 30 seconds into a 4 minute song my arms started to feel the burn.  My palms started to feel the sting.  Halfway through the song I knew I was going to fall over and I would not be able to do another take.   So I forced all my willpower and puny-shoulder-strength to just get this one over with the best I could. Just... need.. one...last....god... help... me...must...keep...going... air.... and a salt bath... I made it to the last hit and stumbled out of the booth with heart racing and beads of sweat on my forehead.  And my right arm swinging like the dead weight it was.  To all the tambourin-ists out there, I am sorry for underrating you.  You are my new heroes.  Because clearly you have the strength of a superhuman to do that for any song, then redo takes, and then perform a whole set. 

is this thing on...? 

To the etherworld of beta-testing of websites... !!!  Long overdue on the website front, but with procrastination comes the heightened sense of urgency and excitement that something is finally going to happen.  Watch this space as I share updates and thoughts that won't have any predictable frequency, or of any predictable topic, or of any predictable cohesion to each other.  #justshowup 


We did it!!  We made an awesuhm and quirky full length studio album "cowboys&aliens" and launched a new band Trio Of Awesuhm!!  Now available on all digital platforms.  CD's on sale at  Yay!!