The spirited musical charms of singer and songwriter Monica Uhm delightfully unfold in the release of her newest song titled Anthem. The New York-based songstress has a wide musical range but is exceptionally admired for her exquisite offerings of acoustic melody as envisioned in recent collaborations like Trio of Awesuhm. 

Anthem is an astonishing tune that celebrates the beauty of life, love, and self-awareness. Monica’s melodic inventiveness comes to life with this awesome organic soundscape that is led by an acoustic guitar with timely fills of a fuller instrumental cast of bass, drums, and electric guitar. The lively performance draws from elements of Americana, blues, and folk-rock for a very surreal experience. Monica consoling vocal performance that turns this eclectic emerald into a personal note of appreciation for all that life has to offer – Anthem. 



Sometimes it feels as if the unseen hands of the Gods of Music do indeed guide us along certain paths. Anthem is one of a collection of songs which first saw the light of day 20 years ago as part of a demo CD and until the recent pandemic stepped in and put a halt to proceedings, it was one of that collection of songs being re-recorded to celebrate them having reached the two decade mark. Although this, the title track, was never intended to be released as a single three factors changed that initial plan. Firstly it was one of the few songs that was actually finished and fit for public consumption. Secondly it seem to have become increasingly relevant of late. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s a cracking song

Anthem is a reflective look at life, the idea that when the time inevitably comes you can look back and say, is the world a better place for my having passed through it? Despite all the struggles and setbacks you may have encountered, were you able to spread the love, the joy, the happiness? Something that we all hope to be able to truly answer in the affirmative. 

And for such a poignant and powerful song, it is a gentle beast. Essentially a folk-infused pop song, one built on deft and delicate sonics which are dressed up just enough with spacious bass and beat, and some chiming peripheral guitar work, all of which allows the lyrics and the sentiment to take centre stage. 

Gorgeous, reflective and restrained. Heartfelt and relevant. An anthem for our times indeed


Monica Uhm paints a lovely, tender portrait on the soothing “Anthem”. Storytelling rests at the very heart of it all for she sings with such a compassionate tender. Elements of folk, pop, and chamber country merge into a cohesive whole. Layer upon layer is added with deft skill. At times reminiscent of the calm confidence of Lambchop, the whole of the song teems with an uncanny sense of life. By allowing so many different instruments into the mix everything has a vibrant tenor about it, from the gracious guitar gestures to the low-key rhythms that help the whole of the work glide along. 

The plaintive plea of the acoustic guitar introduces the track. Setting the tone for what follows the rest of the band gradually works itself into focus. Little flourishes matter a great deal for each element feels acutely balanced. Over the course of the piece her voice rests front and center from which all else flows. Melodies waft on by in a luxurious air, almost of a classical nature. Delivered in such a stately way the song evolves to become something quietly powerful. Usage of additional instrumentation further adds to the sheer physicality of the track without overwhelming the listener. Indeed, much of the piece works on a cathartic level while the sheer intensity becomes a radiant glow of sheer happiness and joy, something so positively vibrant. 

“Anthem” shows off Monica Uhm’s skill in crafting a sound that is uniquely her own.


Monica Uhm is a singer/songwriter based out of New York with plenty of experience in the New York music scene; in addition to her solo career she was also the frontwoman for some indie and alt-rock bands. Known for her intelligent and sometimes banter-filled lyrics, Uhm previously released an album entitled Cowboys&Aliens using a fake band name Trio Of Awesuhm in 2018. Today we take a look a release from this year, using her real name: Uhm’s song “Anthem”, the title track from her Anthem EP. 

“Anthem” begins with just an acoustic guitar before the vocals begin; as the track progresses, percussion, bass and even electric guitar feature, bringing a multilayered and texture-filled music experience. Although the instrumental portion of the song is somewhat mid-tempo, I found Uhm’s singing to be somewhat energetic and frantic at certain points during the song; this unique lack of symmetry stood out as a distinctive creative choice that I quite enjoyed and it added a feeling of sincerity to Uhm’s lyrics. Toward the end of the track, whistling and a soul-filled guitar solo team up to steal the show and drive the emotions Uhm’s lyrics provide home, wrapping the song up in a beautiful way. 

Anthem” is a track that is full of heart and creative songwriting from the truly talented Monica Uhm. From the heartfelt and relatable lyrics to the clean production value, I feel like “Anthem” has a lot for any music fan to explore; the track certainly shows Uhm’s massive talent as a singer/songwriter. As always, we have “Anthem” embedded below and you can check out Monica Uhm’s website here!


July 2020 - Monica Uhm is back on the scene with a brand new studio single titled “Anthem,” taken from the studio EP by the same name. The song kicks off with a lonely acoustic guitar pattern, adding some intimacy to the mix. The vocals are just as passionate and dynamic, echoing the work of artists as diverse as Mary Lou Lord, as well as Any Di Franco, only to mention but a few. “Anthem” is a gentle folk track at its very core, even though the song later takes on a richer full-band twist, with drums sweeping in as well as some amazing bluesy guitar licks that add a rich layering of classic sounds to the mix. I would definitely recommend this one if you are a fan of honest songwriting that comes straight from the heart, because this is exactly what you are going to get from Monica Uhm on this song, and the rest of the album. 

Find out more about Monica Uhm and listen to Anthem, which is now available on the web.


SKOPE (Benjamin Thomas)

“Anthem” is the single and title track from singer-songwriter Monica Uhm’s new EP. She calls the music she creates “philoso-folk,” which is an apt moniker. This song, musically, leans strongly toward a folkish style. Then, lyrically, Uhm can be heard sharing some of her philosophy of life. 

Uhm became a songwriter a little accidentally. You see, she began to create her own songs while learning how to play guitar. You might say learning to write songs was a motivating factor in her learning overall process. The next step in this learning curve was joining and fronting different independent, alternative rock acts around the New York City area. April of 2018 was one of the biggest moments of her career to date, in that this was then that she released her first full-length album. Any amateur can teach himself or herself to play guitar, and even pen a few tunes in the process. However, the release of an album is usually only something achieved by serious professionals. She called this album Cowboys & Aliens. In truth, this was a solo album, although it was released under the name Trio Of Awesuhm.


Our featured single, ‘Anthem’ by Monica Uhm, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The single lasts four minutes and thirty-one seconds and sits at a smooth 78bpm. The track commences with a fourteen second instrumental introduction that features a solo-acoustic guitar that sets the tone for the proceeding vocal-line. 

Monica’s vocal color is clean and emotive; perfectly matching the instrumental flow of the music. The solo-vocal/acoustic combination continues until the 1:02 mark when foundational bass, steady percussion and clean electric guitar are added. In addition to the instrumental layers, a subtle harmonised vocal line compliments Monica's excellent vocal performance. A moment of creative flare can be found between 2:04 and 2:29 when a clean electric guitar solo takes the prominent position in the mix; adding just the right amount of stylistic diversity to the single. 

From the meaningful lyrical content and stylistic vocal performance, to the well balanced and creative instrumentation, fans of Monica Uhm, as well as those who appreciate new and creative Alternative Folk, will definitely want to hear this single. Make sure you follow Monica Uhm on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!


Meet Monica Uhm who has released the brand new single “Anthem” from her EP with thesame title. ‘Anthem’ is an amazing single which shows Monica Uhm’s amazing skills in storytelling. 

When I think of the word ‘Anthem’ I think of strength, or the heat a music needs to become widely known. Monica Uhm, an exciting new pop singer/songwriter has a solid foundation and strength in the tempestuous “Anthem”. Throwing things back a bit to 90s girl pop, and mixing in dark, mysterious emotions Monica’s track is an impressive lead single from her EP. While the song may not turn up the heat in a conventional way, “Anthem” will pick up steam. 

Unlike fellow peers Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish or even Ariane Grande, I think Monica’s essence elements of folk-pop mixed into one. The subject in the track longs for something and that control of having to see this other person on their terms, and that’s not the case. Scorned lover. An affair. Stood up. Hard to say, but my mind wandered into some bizarre territories while listening to the track. I always appreciate artists that give their fans that connection and that leeway to create their own backstory. 

No matter – the music bed and the bassline in “Anthem” is airy, light. It’s a nice juxtaposition to Monica’s vocals. The beat is solid – a great toe-tapper. It’s electronic and a nice way to jam. My shoulders were moving, too. Still, with the myriad of sound surrounding me, my ears just zoomed into  Monica’s magnetic vocals. I could easily hear this song with stand-alone piano keys fused with Monica’s voice or even a faster mix. It would translate well either way. 

From the acoustic guitar which introduces the track to the songwriting compiled with the vocals. “Anthem” certainly seats it’s own league as a definite classic hit and one that will certainly announce to the world the arrival of Monica Uhm. 

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You have to love how Monica transfers her deep thoughts into beautiful music.  

Monica Uhm is a talented singer-songwriter from New York that knows how to make genre-bending music that is thought-provoking, infectious, and quirky. On her latest single, “Anthem,” not only does she sing passionately, but she also blesses us with wisdom-filled lyrics.  

On “Anthem,” Monica does a great job of hypnotizing listeners with a vocal performance that is pacifying and lyrics that highlight the importance of finding love in the midst of dark times. Though the instrumental attached to the song mainly boasts somber vibes, there’s this smidge of liveness that I hear that does catch my attention.  

Listen to Monica Uhm’s “Anthem” at the top of the page!