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Monica is a singer-songwriter based in New York known for her catchy tunes, intelligent lyrics and quirky live banter.   Her lyrical style is self-dubbed “philoso-folk” given the push-pull in her writing of the big questions in life found in small everyday snapshots. Her musical style is self-dubbed "kitchen-sink twist on Americana" from the eclectic range of influences in her musical tastes and working with a wide spectrum of accomplished and creative musicians and artists.  Due to Covid-induced writer's block, she's also been on a tear, with "folked-up" covers of popular and deep cut tunes from the 80s and 90s. 

Monica is an accidental songwriter (but a purposeful punster and irreverent word-masher).  The songwriting kicked off when she wrote songs as a means to learn how to play guitar.  She eventually found herself fronting various indie/alt-rock bands in some of the most iconic underground NYC venues such as Elbow Room, ACME Underground, Kenny's Castaways, Spiral Café, Downtime and the Lion's Den.  After weaving in and out of band-centered projects, she has now fully embraced the shameless serial-collabor-ist she was meant to be and indulges frivolously with other free-wheeling creatives to do unscripted but inspired projects (i.e. she likes who she likes).

She released her first full-length studio album "Cowboys&Aliens" in April 2018 (recorded with Joe DiGiorgi at Headlines Studios and features a small army of local musicians and friends).  Even though she is a solo artist, her inexplicable under-therapized tendencies to bury her proverbial head in the existential sand led her to release the 2018 album under the moniker Trio Of Awesuhm (i.e. fake band who's meaning is an inside joke to 3 people).  The album achieved critical acclaim for songwriter, production quality and vocals. For more information about Trio Of Awesuhm and awesuhm reviews of "Cowboys&Aliens" go to

After much peer-pressure cajoling from friends and family, she decided that it was time to start releasing music as a solo artist.  A new full-length studio album was in the works for 2020 (with Sam Wagner at The Koop Studios) that involved a 20th anniversary commemorative remakes of songs from her 2000 demo "Six Years to Zanzibar".  Due to the pandemic, studio work stopped mid-way.  In lieu of a full-length release, singles are being released for the remainder of 2020. 

Currently Monica is still on a tear of 80s/90s cover gigs in local area bars and private events, but is also working towards returning to the studio to release a sophomore album, this time under the band moniker Elusive Emu

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