about monica

Monica is a singer-songwriter based in New York.   Her journey started when she wrote songs as a means to learn how to play guitar.  She eventually found herself fronting various indie/alt-rock based and performing in some of the most iconic underground NYC venues such as Elbow Room, ACME Underground, Kenny's Castaways, Spiral Café, Downtime and the Lion's Den.  After various stops and starts with bands, she now focuses on her songwriting and collaborates with others on a project by project basis.  

Her lyrical style is self-labeled “philoso-folk” given the push-pull of small everyday snapshots with the bigger questions of life in her writing. Her musical style pulls from a wide range -   Americana, alt-rock, country, world music, folk - resulting from working with a wide spectrum of accomplished and creative musicians and artists.  The "monica uhm, etc." umbrella represents the spirit of an open invitation to her musical collaborators to contribute freely to the personality of the songs as they are performed or recorded.     

After a long hiatus, Monica returned to the studio with a small army of musicians she's met through the years which eventually became the ensemble Trio Of Awesuhm.   The result is "cowboys&aliens", a kitchen-sink twist on Americana which came out on April 19, 2018.   For more information on this latest project go to www.trioofawesuhm.com.   

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photo credit: liam winters

photo credit: liam winters