alternative 2020

Plan Bs - locked, loaded and deployed!!!  

2020 had so much potential for everyone.  I was definitely not the only one on the path of making this the most epic milestone  year ever - full of bold goals and commemorations and making the most of every sacred moment.  And I wasn't even getting tired of the 20/20 vision analogies.  In fact, my studio album was going to be titled Hindsight 2020 (along with half the other budding musical artists looking to release music).  

But alas, my 20th anniversary remake of my 2000 demo album "Six Years to Zanzibar" came to a screeching halt.  Instead, I am releasing singles like a faucet drip throughout the year.

And all those live shows I had planned/hoped for... instead, I had to get over myself and get hip to the digital platforms and learn how to livestream.  I am embarking on a virtual tour of all my releases - the 2018 debut album Cowboys&Aliens and the songs that were slated for this ill-fated 2020 full length release.  

Come along on my virtual tour - check out my social media pages for the latest appearances.