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alternative 2020

Plan Bs - locked, loaded and deployed!!!  

2020 had so much potential for everyone.  I was definitely not the only one on the path of making this the most epic milestone  year ever - full of bold goals and commemorations…


what's my point anyway

So why am I even doing this... what am I doing here... why bother....?  

As sure as the sun will rise and fall, the same old questions float through my mind every single day regarding my musical journey.  The music…


all things 2020 ... take two

Here we are... in the second half of the most unimaginable year for the vast majority of us.  So much has shifted - and continues to shift - under our feet, above our heads, around our reach (or out of...)…


all things 2020

2019 was a blur -- ran all around NY playing music - solo, duo, full band, half-band, electric, unplugged, downtown, uptown, rivertown, hometown, other towns...  and now I begin 2020 with hunkering down back in the studio working on the…


musings and ramblings

It snowed on November 15th.  With first snowfall comes the urge to curl under a blanket with a good read... how about this fresh-pressed interview with Vents Magazine Street Team Page...??? Huge thanks to VENTS for the opportunity and the…



The thrill of the first time on the radio had legs... the tickle in hearing the song "More and More" over live streaming on Sunday evening at 7:17pm on WEQX 102.7 Real Alternative, and like a good story or a…


i just showed up to miami

... and within 10 hours of landing, I busked outside of an amazing coffee shop Shepherd Artisan Coffee, busked in front of the quirky murals inside Peter Tunney's Experience studio at Wynwood Walls and opened for Greg Diamond at the…


is this thing on...?

To the etherworld of beta-testing of websites... !!!  Long overdue on the website front, but with procrastination comes the heightened sense of urgency and excitement that something is finally going to happen.  Watch this space as I share updates and…