Studio demo. Vocals/acoustic guitar - Monica Uhm. Electric guitar - Joe Colgan. Words/music - (c) Monica Uhm


"Ode to the Peacebuilders" by Monica Uhm (all rights reserved)

Haven’t you seen all the peacebuilders
Gliding like swans through the wars
Tattered and scarred by our own-made monsters
Won’t question who love is for

Haven’t you seen all the peacebuilders
Mingled in trenches and towers
They’re never ones to steal away thunder
But first to run into the mire

Let’s bow and pray for the peacebuilders
Let’s lift up our bodies and words
We till the soil for the peacebuilders
With seeds for the healing or hurt

Remember the names of the peacebuilders
Carry their embers with care
Don’t throw them into the bonfire of traitors
That burn all the fruits love will bear

We all are one with the peacebuilders
We all are the ones against
We all are flesh and soul and creatures
That live and die on this land

We destroy what we can’t understand