all things 2020 ... take two

Here we are... in the second half of the most unimaginable year for the vast majority of us.  So much has shifted - and continues to shift - under our feet, above our heads, around our reach (or out of...), in our hearts/minds/dreams, our plans, our foibles, our "normal".  

My brilliant musical start to 2020, though diverted, has certainly not derailed.  We took some of the fine lemons from the studio process that was halfway in the works, and turned out some pretty fine lemonade, with the enthusiasm and ingenuity of Sam Wagner, of The Koop Studio.

In lieu of my big 20th anniversary full-length album splash, I've been releasing singles.  And perhaps its better this way.  The songs dictated when they would be ready.  In my book, spontaneity and timing is everything.  So, 2020, we're in this together.  And we are going to keep on keeping on. 

Out already for digital distribution is "Anthem" and "Song For My Cowboy"; songs I had never planned for release as singles.  Already in the wings is "Heart On A Sling", hoping for an August release.  And once things start opening up, we have a few more than need just a bit more ingredients and we'll be serving them up, right on time for when it will be their time. 

Stay safe.  Stay hopeful.  Keep going.  Keep doing.