what's my point anyway

So why am I even doing this... what am I doing here... why bother....?  

As sure as the sun will rise and fall, the same old questions float through my mind every single day regarding my musical journey.  The music "industry" is such a tough beast.  The music "arena" is so nebulous.  What am I really trying to achieve?  Who am I speaking to?  What's the point - who cares if I do this music thing or not?

I always come back to the same answers ...

1. I can't NOT write songs and create music.  

I just can't.  It may be futile but that's my wiring.  I see/hear/feel things and then some words or melodies start wafting about and I have to chase the shadows until I find what has cast this.  So irrespective of whether there is an audience, I will just continue to do.

2. I believe someone out there feels what I feel.  And what I feel is - the little things in life ARE the big things.  And I want people to lose themselves in the lull of my lyrics and words and be transported to everywhere all at once.  

The universe opens up when I am fully present in the smallest moments.  There is infinity in the minutia.  The things that are imprinted the strongest in our memories and hearts and souls are the details in a moment or a sight that seems to have been overlooked by everyone else.  These things that catch our eye are the keyhole into who we are and what we believe and what we desire.  That the universe - your universe - opens up from being fully present in the small inert moments.  That there is grand wisdom in the mundane.  We live, we breathe, we ache, we celebrate.  That is all, and yet that is everything.  Wherever we are, there we are, and we will get through it, we will embrace it, we will grow by it, we will evolve through it.