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It snowed on November 15th.  With first snowfall comes the urge to curl under a blanket with a good read... how about this fresh-pressed interview with Vents Magazine Street Team Page...??? Huge thanks to VENTS for the opportunity and the generous word count!!! (Wonder who holds their record for most verbose; or abuse of parenthesis; or non-sequiturs; or semi-colons; or disjointed pop culture references. Asking for a friend) 

For those that often wonder what the heck goes on in this head of mine, well, this interview might give you a clue. This is the first time (and perhaps last time) going more into the concepts and creative precursors into my music and artistic journey (where apparently I am more of an off-roader or off-the-railer or off-topic - oh look, an espresso...!) and less so the heavy-lifting production process of the album itself which we've shared in bits and bites ever since the album release.

Full interview here: