tales from the studio - tambourines are hard. really really hard.

Trying to wrap up tracking in the studio so I am pitching in whenever and wherever I can.  We need a few tambourine tracks and with some extra time on our hands yesterday, I figured I'd go for it.  Hey, I've got a decent sense of rhythm and, psshaw, tambourines, right?  Weeeellllllll.... 30 seconds into a 4 minute song my arms started to feel the burn.  My palms started to feel the sting.  Halfway through the song I knew I was going to fall over and I would not be able to do another take.   So I forced all my willpower and puny-shoulder-strength to just get this one over with the best I could. Just... need.. one...last....god... help... me...must...keep...going... air.... and a salt bath... I made it to the last hit and stumbled out of the booth with heart racing and beads of sweat on my forehead.  And my right arm swinging like the dead weight it was.  To all the tambourin-ists out there, I am sorry for underrating you.  You are my new heroes.  Because clearly you have the strength of a superhuman to do that for any song, then redo takes, and then perform a whole set. 


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